Shaun Goldman – Architect

Congratulations to Shaun Goldman for passing his licensing exams!! On Saturday, March 23rd, Shaun took his last test for the A.R.E. (Architectural Registration Exam), completing the requirements for licensure in the State of Colorado. We couldn’t be more excited for his success and continued career here at Hover Architecture!

Shaun came to us from Walker Architects in Gainesville, FL in February of 2018.  He has traveled the world learning and absorbing architectural experiences.  With a background as an Executive Chef for 17 years, including a service for President Obama, he’s successfully transferred his creative talents to architecture. His contributions to Hover over the past year have significantly increased our ability to design, render and present architectural concepts beyond what we’ve been able to accomplish in the past. Shaun is also a Certified Green Globes Professional. He has the rare ability to listen to Clients, accurately interpret their concept and incorporate their vision in to his designs.

With his licensure, we look forward to his increased responsibilities as a Project Architect, leading the design team from concept through construction.