In this blog post, we’ll explain what pre-applications are, and what the process looks like. 

The pre-application meeting is your first interaction with the authorized jurisdiction that will ultimately approve your project. In this phase, the design requirements are reviewed with the applicant and the jurisdiction’s approval processes are set forth. 

In collaboration with the Civil Engineer, the Architect will further develop the Conceptual Site Plan if additional information is required for the pre-application meeting submittal. The Architect and Civil Engineer should attend the pre-application meeting when possible. We encourage the Real Estate Broker and Industry Consultant to attend as well. 

The pre-application meeting is also attended by the various department heads that have reviewed your application related to the feasibility of the project. They may ask for clarification of the proposed project, review site specific requirements, and provide any additional requirements based on current codes or zones and review timelines. Photos and surveys can also be used as additional points of reference. 

This meeting gives you as the applicant the opportunity to present your Conceptual Design Plan to city staff and other concerned parties, receive general comments on how to move forward. Remember, a formal development application will not be accepted before a pre-submittal meeting. 

The proposal is the culmination of each of the previous phases and outlines the scope of work within each phase, the consultants that will be engaged, the fee structure, general timing and terms and conditions of the agreement. 

Once the proposal is ready, we’ll set up a time to walk you through, step-by-step, and answer any questions you have. 

Putting together all of this generally takes between 10 and 30 business days, and can cost up to $450. 

If you’re looking for a Colorado-based architect that can make your building project a reality, get in touch with us. You can see some of the projects we’ve worked on to get a better idea of what we offer here.