The Planning Department Review involves sending plans to the jurisdiction’s planning department for review and approval. We are then given an opportunity to respond to their comments and makes changes to the plan based on the city recommendations and requirements. This plan often takes around three reviews before the final submittal to the jurisdiction but the timing is subject to change based on each city’s unique requirements and response time. 


First planning submittal review

21-35 Business Days

First round of revisions

14-21 Business Days

Second planning submittal review

14-28 Business Days

Second round of revisions 

7-14 Business Days 

Third planning submittal review

14-28 Business Days

Third round of revisions

5-7 Business Days

Final submittal

14-28 Business Days

 Upon review of your application, the jurisdiction will undoubtedly have a number of comments that need responses. It’s important that your design team collectively review and understand these comments in order to respond quickly and effectively. 

 These comments will likely not be aesthetic or stylistic in nature, but have more to do with whether or not the development plan in question meets the committee’s standards when it comes to a larger public plan of their jurisdiction. Things like building dimensions, street access, and more are likely to come up. 

 Another stage in this process that is sometimes required for planning approval is a neighborhood or community meeting. It’s important to be prepared for the possibility of this meeting as it can significantly extend the review timeline. 

 All in all, the fees for this phase of the process generally run between $2,000 and $10,000, depending on size and scope.