Virtual Reality Training

Hover recently decided to research and invest in Virtual Reality. As a firm, we believe the adoption of this technology is NOW! Traditionally, Architects have relied on 2D elevations, hand-drawn renderings and more recently, 3D renderings to convey their designs. With VR Systems, we’re able to project clients in to the model and actually walk through our designs. Our clients can now experience their project before breaking ground.

Animated walk-through of CWB Prototype.

In the short time we’ve been using it, our VR system has already given our client’s the ability to experience spatial relationships, scale and materials of their projects. We’re able to switch materials, colors and finishes on-the-fly, significantly reducing the design time. Since the system utilizes our existing BIM models and integrates with our current workflow, we’re able to walk through each project from initial massing studies all the way through to construction.

Even as we explore the benefits of Virtual Reality, we’re now being told Augmented Reality (AR) is where it’s at! What’s next???

Virtual reality video capture