What are they? Why are they important? 

 In this article, we will break down the different types of construction documents and try to help you better understand the role of each and their importance to your project.

 The Civil Construction Documents (CD’s) are prepared by the Civil Engineer. This set of drawings builds on the Architectural Site Plan, providing detailed information on the following: 

 Horizontal Control Plan 

This plan is a much more detailed version of the Architectural Site Plan and is intended to provide the general contractor with enough information to lay out the site in the field. 

 Site Grading

Site grading involves the design of vertical elevations in places like the drives, sidewalks and parking areas. 


In general, the design of the utilities includes connecting water, gas, sewer and storm to the jurisdiction’s public services. You’ll need to work closely with the design team to understand the various types of services you’ll need to apply for. 

 Stormwater Management 

Each individual jurisdiction determines the threshold for requiring on-site water quality and detention, so it’s very important to discuss this with the engineers in your pre-application meeting. 

 Best Management Practices 

These are requirements generally set forth by the various jurisdictions and detail specific site-related construction methodology.  

 These documents can be: 

  • Written
  • Graphic
  • Pictorial 

 But regardless of formatting, they’re all necessary to receive a building permit and successfully carry out your project.